Healthcare Services in Mexico

Mexico is one of those countries which has in many ways made great progress but without grabbing the headlines. This is a situation and strategy which has been replicated in the Mexican healthcare system, a system which is seen by many as one of the leading healthcare services in the area. However, Mexico is a large country and as with other neighbouring countries in the region there is a major difference between those in poverty and those at the higher end of the income scale. So what provisions have been made for the various sectors of Mexican society?

General healthcare in Mexico

Under government regulations free health care is available to all members of the Mexican population and all non-nationals who live there. However, there are various layers to the Mexican healthcare system which many believe reduce the impact and the strength of funding for the service and can in many cases complicate the issue. There are also growing concerns about the variations in standards of treatment available to those in the larger cities and those in the more rural areas.

Social security healthcare in Mexico

As we mentioned above, free health care is available to all in Mexico although rather bizarrely the authorities have introduced added protections and added services for those employed by the authorities. Many people will also be surprised to learn that Mexico has one of the oldest hospitals in the world which dates back to 1791 and indeed has one of the oldest healthcare systems.

Private sector healthcare

As the Mexican economy began to grow so did demand for private sector healthcare although it is still only a fraction of the size of countries such as the USA. However, there are signs that the authorities are looking to encourage private healthcare insurance in Mexico to try and reduce the burden on the state budget and allow the authorities to target specific areas of the population.

Future healthcare in Mexico

While there is no doubt that great progress has been made with regards to medical provisions and medical services in Mexico there is also no doubt that large variations still exist between the standard of health care expected by those in the inner cities and those in more rural areas. This is by far and away the most disappointing aspect of the healthcare system in Mexico although there are also concerns regarding the many layers of administration from the government down to local authorities.

Expats in Mexico

Many expats in Mexico will look towards the private healthcare sector to ensure they are able to receive emergency treatment as and when required. If you are looking towards private medical healthcare many believe there is better value if you go through Mexican insurance companies rather than international healthcare companies, who may offer a one policy fits all for those travelling around the world.


As with so many countries in the Americas there is no doubt that the gap between healthcare for those on the poverty line and those at the higher end of the income spectrum is still very visible. However, progress has been made and the authorities seem adamant that those who require specific funding for medical healthcare will receive this in the future, while those who can afford to at least contribute will be asked to do so.

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Medical Transcription Outsourcing – The Changing Role In Healthcare Documentation

The healthcare sector today is going through many changes in the way the patient- healthcare encounter is documented. The announcement of the stimulus package for adoption of EMR/EHR systems using certified equipment and demonstrating meaningful use has brought about a major question about the role of medical transcription services in the process of adopting this new technology.

Considering the underlying objective of adopting nationwide electronic healthcare system, the role of medical transcription in this process becomes even more significant. The implementation of nationwide EHR systems have been encouraged to:

– Improve quality of care

– Reduce costs of care

These services have earned their place in the emerging healthcare documentation scenario by virtue of contributing to the achievement of both these objectives. They contribute to the healthcare documentation by:

Helping preserve narrative data – As healthcare is an essential service one involving decisions regarding life and death situations and involving the improvement of life situations; the importance of capturing the narrative story of the patient is vital. Medical transcription helps in capturing the total health story by converting dictation into text. This helps in improving the quality of care by converting mere data into information, which can be used for providing quality healthcare.

Having a core knowledge regarding the working of healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities – Transcription vendors and their teams have an inherent understanding of the working life of healthcare professionals and the running of healthcare facilities. This helps them create solutions that help improve the working life of doctors/support staff/clinics/hospitals by using software and technology to provide maximum benefits while still being easy to use.

Providing the benefit of training and knowledge to improve the quality of the data captured – The teams working on the process of creating patient medical records undergo a process of training that enhances their language skills, develops knowledge of the medical field, improves keyboard skills; these attributes make them adept at providing healthcare documentation that is accurate and timely. Not only that, they also use their experience and knowledge of the healthcare field to apply context to rectify any oversight made by time starved healthcare professionals to produce accurate transcripts.

Being very adaptable to change – This method of documenting the healthcare process has seen so many changes affecting the way information is captured. The service of creating patient medical records has evolved as a specialist service that has seen changes in the way dictation is captured to the way that transcripts are delivered. The experience of transcription vendors to adapt to the changing needs of the healthcare sector puts them in unique position help in this transition.

Medical transcription services have used a combination of the right people skills, optimum process and advanced technology to provide accurate, timely, secure and cost-effective transcripts.

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